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Thyristor Switch Thyro-S

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Advanced Energy Industries

No other SCR power controller series offers the flexibility and performance of Advanced Energy's Thyro-Family line. Our solutions meet your toughest design challenges. Thyro-Family SCR power controllers ensure high product quality and reproducibility in applications ranging from simple to complex.


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THYRO Data sheet Thyro-S

THYRO Manual Thyro-S

  • For ohmic or transformer loads
  • Current, voltage, or power switching
  • Secure isolation between control and power sections
  • Integrated semiconductor fuse
  • 1-, 2- and 3-phase versions of Thyro-S units
  • Optional additional features:
    • H - Integrated semiconductor fuse
    • F - Forced air cooling
    • R - Relay output
    • L - Load monitoring
    • P - Power measurement and regulation

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Thyristor Power Controller THYRO-S 1S … H3

typepart number typepart number typepart number
Thyro-S 1S 230-16 H3 Thyro-S 1S 230-30 H3 Thyro-S 1S 230-45 H3
Thyro-S 1S 230-60 H3 Thyro-S 1S 230-100 H3 Thyro-S 1S 230-130 H3
Thyro-S 1S 230-170 H3 Thyro-S 1S 230-280 HF3 Thyro-S 1S 230-350 HF3
Thyro-S 1S 400-16 H3 Thyro-S 1S 400-30 H3 Thyro-S 1S 400-45 H3
Thyro-S 1S 400-60 H3 Thyro-S 1S 400-100 H3 Thyro-S 1S 400-130 H3
Thyro-S 1S 400-170 H3 Thyro-S 1S 400-280 HF3 Thyro-S 1S 400-350 HF3
Thyro-S 1S 500-16 H3 Thyro-S 1S 500-30 H3 Thyro-S 1S 500-45 H3
Thyro-S 1S 500-60 H3 Thyro-S 1S 500-100 H3 Thyro-S 1S 500-130 H3
Thyro-S 1S 500-170 H3 Thyro-S 1S 500-280 HF3 Thyro-S 1S 500-350 HF3

Thyristor Power Controller THYRO-S 2S … H3

typepart number typepart number typepart number
Thyro-S 2S 400-16 H3 Thyro-S 2S 400-30 H3 Thyro-S 2S 400-45 H3
Thyro-S 2S 400-60 H3 Thyro-S 2S 400-100 H3 Thyro-S 2S 400-130 H3
Thyro-S 2S 400-170 H3 Thyro-S 2S 400-280 HF3 Thyro-S 2S 400-350 HF3
Thyro-S 2S 500-16 H3 Thyro-S 2S 500-30 H3 Thyro-S 2S 500-45 H3
Thyro-S 2S 500-60 H3 Thyro-S 2S 500-100 H3 Thyro-S 2S 500-130 H3
Thyro-S 2S 500-170 H3 Thyro-S 2S 500-280 HF3 Thyro-S 2S 500-350 HF3

Thyristor Power Controller THYRO-S 3S … H3

typepart number typepart number typepart number
Thyro-S 3S 400-16 H3 Thyro-S 3S 400-30 H3 Thyro-S 3S 400-45 H3
Thyro-S 3S 400-60 H3 Thyro-S 3S 400-100 H3 Thyro-S 3S 400-130 H3
Thyro-S 3S 400-170 H3 Thyro-S 3S 400-280 HF3 Thyro-S 3S 400-350 HF3
Thyro-S 3S 500-16 H3 Thyro-S 3S 500-30 H3 Thyro-S 3S 500-45 H3
Thyro-S 3S 500-60 H3 Thyro-S 3S 500-100 H3 Thyro-S 3S 500-130 H3
Thyro-S 3S 500-170 H3 Thyro-S 3S 500-280 HF3 Thyro-S 3S 500-350 HF3

Thyristor Power Controller THYRO-S 1S…H RLP3

typepart number typepart number typepart number
Thyro-S 1S 230-16 HRLP3 Thyro-S 1S 230-30 HRLP3 Thyro-S 1S 230-45 HRLP3
Thyro-S 1S 230-60 HRLP3 Thyro-S 1S 230-100 HRLP3 Thyro-S 1S 230-130 HRLP3
Thyro-S 1S 230-170 HRLP3 Thyro-S 1S 230-280 HFRLP3 Thyro-S 1S 230-350 HFRLP3
Thyro-S 1S 400-16 HRLP3 Thyro-S 1S 400-30 HRLP3 Thyro-S 1S 400-45 HRLP3
Thyro-S 1S 400-60 HRLP3 Thyro-S 1S 400-100 HRLP3 Thyro-S 1S 400-130 HRLP3
Thyro-S 1S 400-170 HRLP3 Thyro-S 1S 400-280 HFRLP3 Thyro-S 1S 400-350 HFRLP3
Thyro-S 1S 500-16 HRLP3 Thyro-S 1S 500-30 HRLP3 Thyro-S 1S 500-45 HRLP3
Thyro-S 1S 500-60 HRLP3 Thyro-S 1S 500-100 HRLP3 Thyro-S 1S 500-130 HRLP3
Thyro-S 1S 500-170 HRLP3 Thyro-S 1S 500-280 HFRLP3 Thyro-S 1S 500-350 HFRLP3

Thyristor Power Controller THYRO-S 2S…H RLP3

typepart number typepart number typepart number
Thyro-S 2S 400-16 H RLP3 Thyro-S 2S 400-30 H RLP3 Thyro-S 2S 400-45 H RLP3
Thyro-S 2S 400-60 H RLP3 Thyro-S 2S 400-100 H RLP3 Thyro-S 2S 400-130 H RLP3
Thyro-S 2S 400-170 H RLP3 Thyro-S 2S 400-280 HF RLP3 Thyro-S 2S 400-350 HF RLP3
Thyro-S 2S 500-16 H RLP3 Thyro-S 2S 500-30 H RLP3 Thyro-S 2S 500-45 H RLP3
Thyro-S 2S 500-60 H RLP3 Thyro-S 2S 500-100 H RLP3 Thyro-S 2S 500-130 H RLP3
Thyro-S 2S 500-170 H RLP3 Thyro-S 2S 500-280 HF RLP3 Thyro-S 2S 500-350 HF RLP3

Thyristor Power Controller THYRO-S 3S…H RLP3

typepart number typepart number typepart number
Thyro-S 3S 400-16 H RLP3 Thyro-S 3S 400-30 H RLP3 Thyro-S 3S 400-45 H RLP3
Thyro-S 3S 400-60 H RLP3 Thyro-S 3S 400-100 H RLP3 Thyro-S 3S 400-130 H RLP3
Thyro-S 3S 400-170 H RLP3 Thyro-S 3S 400-280 HF RLP3 Thyro-S 3S 400-350 HF RLP3
Thyro-S 3S 500-16 H RLP3 Thyro-S 3S 500-30 H RLP3 Thyro-S 3S 500-45 H RLP3
Thyro-S 3S 500-60 H RLP3 Thyro-S 3S 500-100 H RLP3 Thyro-S 3S 500-130 H RLP3
Thyro-S 3S 500-170 H RLP3 Thyro-S 3S 500-280 HF RLP3 Thyro-S 3S 500-350 HF RLP3

Accessories of Power Controllers THYRO

typepart number typepart number
PC Software Thyro-Tool Family / Pro Data cable for PC (RS232) Sub-D 5 m
Adapter USB 1.1 to RS232 PC-Interface RS232
Busmodule Profibus DP (8-units) Busmodule Profibus DP (4-units)
Busmodule Profibus DP (2-units) Busmodule Modbus RTU (8-units)
Busmodule CANopen (8-units) Busmodule DeviceNet (8-units)
Busmodule (Profinet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP) (8-units) Busmodule Ethernet (4-units)
Busmodule Ethernet (2-units) 4 Cables, shielded, length 1,5m each
4 Cables, shielded, length 2,5m each RS232 DIN rail adapter for 1 power controller
dASM Busmodule (8-units) 4 Cables for dASM Busmodule, length 1,5m each
4 Cables for dASM Busmodule, length 2,5m each Top-hat rail adapter 35mm snap-in mounting (16A, 30A)
Top-hat rail adapter 35mm snap-in mounting (45A, 60A) Load connector Thyro-AX for 16/30A
LCD-Screen for Thyro-AX Connection cable USB 2.0 / 1,8m
Thyro-Touch display 2.000.590.001 Cabinet installation kit for Thyro-Touch
Thyro-PX dASM-Karte 2.000.590.003 Thyro-PX Din rail adapter 2.000.590.004
Thyro-PX digital I/O card 2.000.590.005 Thyro-PX analog and digital I/O card 2.000.590.006
Anybus-Module Profibus Anybus-Module Profinet
Anybus-Module Modbus RTU Anybus-Module Modbus TCP
Anybus-Module DeviceNet Anybus-Module Ethernet/IP
Anybus-Module EtherCAT Thyro-PX control unit with cover 2.000.590.007
Snubber board 690V Thyro-PX THYRO-PX DC ELIMINATION MODULE 2.000.590.008
Thyro-Power Manager Module (TPM) Thyro-Step Controller (TSP)
Power supply for DIN railmounting 230V / 24VDC Relay 24V DC with terminals for DIN railmounting
Voltage transducer 690/37V Additionalmeasuring unit ZME1
Additionalmeasuring unit ZME5